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Why Choose Workspace?

Workspace LT™ offers full offline programming, and the ability to simulate complex workcells with multiple robots and automation devices. While targeted at the educational market, Workspace LT™ is designed to allow you to make maximum use of the resources at your disposal.


3D CAD Modelling

  • Workspace LT™ supports the creation and manipulation of 3D CAD objects, eliminating the need for additional CAD software.
  • Have an existing workflow that you're comfortable with? Import existing CAD data created using other CAD software (using IGES and DXF).
  • Workspace LT™ comes pre-packed with an extensive library of robots. If you need something that isn't included, you can create your own robots and mechanisms to use.

3D Mouse Support

  • Workspace LT™ supports the use of a SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion for pan, zoom, and rotate of our simulation model.
  • Redefine the way you work with 3D applications. Experience a level of control that simply isn't possible using a traditional mouse and keyboard.
  • Using a 3D mouse can make your simuation model workflow considerably more efficient and healthier.

True-To-Life Simulation

  • Workspace LT™ provides accurate Kinematic modeling of robots and mechanisms, allowing you to perform high accuracy reach studies, cycle time analysis and robot path optimization.
  • Supports standard I/O simulation between robots and mechanisms.
  • Identify and resolve interferences or collisions before they happen, saving you time and money.
  • Workspace LT™ supports many native robot languages, making it easy to program your robots and mechanisms exactly how you need.

Robots & Scripting Languages

With support for many commercially available robots and scripting languages, Workspace LT™ makes it easy for you to hit the ground running.



1400, 2400_10, 2400L, 6400 24, 6400 28, 6400 S, 6700_150_320, 4400_45


M410i, LRMATE 200, S420iW, S900W, S430iw


FS 10C, FS 10E, FA 06N, FS 06L, FS 06N, FA 20N, FS 20N, JS 5. FS 45N, JS 30


IR16160, KR210_R3100, KR6-2




HP20, SK6, SK16, SK45-30, SK45, SK120-75, SV3, SSF2000




PV30 1000


KS v20-102, KS v20-78

Scripting Languages

Inform II
Karel II
Karel III


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Workspace Interface
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System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7 or Later
CPU 1.5Ghz Dual Core Minimum
2Ghz Dual Core Recommended
Memory 2GB RAM Minimum
4GB RAM Recommended
Disk Space 100 MB
Internet Internet connection required for activation
Other OpenGL 1.1 or Later
2 Button Mouse with Scroll wheel strongly recommended

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